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Need professional Excavation for your home? Shilling Excavation is used to taking on big commercial and ranch projects, but that doesn't mean we can't deliver the same high-quality service for your residence!

From pads and roads, to erosion control, gravel drive-ways, and everything in between -- The team here at Shilling Excavation has never encountered a request or a project they couldn't handle.

Reach out to us today and discuss your project with our crew, and get started on your next land management job!

HOUSE PAD WORK: a closer look

When you're having a home built possibly one of the most important elements is HOUSE PAD WORK. Failure to have a properly installed house pad and foundation will result in a home settling which can be catastrophic. But with Shilling Excavation, you get a company that works hard to do the job right. Our grading contractors take all the necessary steps and follow the recommended protocols for your peace of mind. We begin with land clearing and pad preparation. We clear away any trees, slumps, major roots and other obstructions to leave an even surface.

From there, we move into pad preparation. We start by defining the dimensions of our house pads by width, length, and height allowing for at least 10 feet of extra space depending on the size of the house. During our house pad construction process we ensure that proper slopes are installed and loading areas are sound. Most house pads require a great deal of backfill to set the foundation. We fill the right amount of dirt and heavily compact it to ensure the house does not settle down the line.