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Yes, we take many residential jobs, but the team here at Shilling Excavation specializes in commercial projects, and heavy-duty jobs for every client from locally owned businesses, to large corporations. If you need site prep for a large contracting project, or a professional land clearing company to help with your commercial work. Choose Shilling Excavation!

Don't ask a small, amateur excavation service to assist you with your large commercial land management projects. Our crew members love taking on challenging jobs, using forethought and planning on how to get it done, and exceeding your expectations at every turn. When it comes to land clearing companies - Shilling Excavation should be your first choice!

Do you think the job is too large or too tough for a run-of-the-mill excavation service?

That's when you call Shilling Excavation - When you choose us as your land clearing company, you know you're getting high quality service, years of experience, and a team that loves to take on those heavy-duty projects!


Shilling Excavation specializes in commercial projects for businesses. Our excavation and dirt work services carefully prepare a location for new builds. Working closely with a locally-owned business or large corporation, Shilling Excavation turns an overrun or neglected site into a functional location for your business to operate. Shilling Excavation is your professional, efficient excavator for all dirtwork and ground-leveling problems! Learn more about our commercial work preparation services.

Commercial Work

Ranch Land Management

We love working with ranches and farms. Shilling Excavation is the expert ranch and land management excavators in Texas. We discuss your property need to develop a plan from lake and pond development to fencing and road construction. Land clearing is a crucial part of maintaining your ranchland. Moving soil, creating roadway bases, and site preparation are necessary to keep your ranch running smoothly. We have the heavy-duty equipment to finish your next stage of upkeep and growth! Learn more about our land management services.

Land Mangement


A new construction residential build starts with land clearing and a house pad. After evaluating your location with your contractors, Shilling Excavation sets a plan for the upcoming construction to ensure the ground is level and clear. Site-prep often includes gravel roadway work and erosion control during your residential site preparation. Partnering with Shilling Excavation for your project guarantees a professional team working quickly to keep your construction on target. Learn more about our residential excavation work.

Residential Projects