about shilling excavation

If you are looking to keep your land clearing cost low, and find the brush and tree clearing company that offers excellent service, then look no further than Shilling Excavation!

Shilling Excavation, LLC, has been providing expert excavation and dirt work services since 1992. We have a long-standing reputation of being a cut above other services!

We offer everything from standard services like home and commercial pads, clearing, gravel work, erosion control, ponds lakes and tanks, and even fencing for ranches! Our wide selection of services assures that when you need something done, our team can handle it! We can keep your tree clearing cost, and land clearing cost low!

Remember: We also offer exclusive services that may be outside the standard services offered by excavation companies. If you have an odd request or a unique project, call us or set up an appointment to discuss your specific needs.

We are here to offer excellent service to you at affordable prices and make sure your project is completed while maintaining the quality of work, prompt completion, and safety!

Our mission at Shilling Excavation is to provide high-quality dirt work and excavation services.

Don't wait. Get started today and see what Shilling Excavation can do for you!


General Contractors -

involved in large commercial projects needing site prep work, site excavating, parking lot prep work and formation, substantial foundations, commercial site prep, utility trenching, dirt moving, debris & concrete removal.

Ranch / Land Managers -

involved in land management in need of land clearing, erosion control, pond excavating, livestock tank building, land scrapper, land leveling, land moving.

Individuals -

involved in luxury home builds needing custom site prep, septic tank digs, utility trenching, specialized foundations, and more.